5 benefits of hiring your warehousing and logistics team through a recruitment agency

If you’ve got a multi-site manufacturing business to run, it’s unlikely you’ll have even a spare minute free.

For you, recruitment may seem like nothing more than a headache. But it has to be done, as you desperately need a new team member with the right skills and experience. The only problem is that you don’t have the time to go and find them.

This is why many businesses within warehousing and logistics choose to use recruitment agencies. Here are just a few of the benefits on offer…

1. You’ll save an enormous amount of time

Using an agency means you can swerve all the paperwork, processes, interviews and checks involved in recruitment. But it’s so much easier for the employer when everything’s taken care of by a specialist. You’ll simply let the agency know who you’re looking for, and they’ll do the rest while you get on with running your business.

2. You’ll get better quality candidates

A recruitment agency specialising in your sector is ideally placed to find the best candidates. They’ll know just the skill sets you’re looking for, including industry-specific qualifications and certifications.

Recruiters will do all the due diligence to find the highest quality candidates. This means everything from interviewing to DVLA licence checks.

Ultimately, using a recruitment agency means a better chance of getting the right candidate, first time. Remember that a bad hire can be costly, as you’ll essentially have to pay double the recruitment costs.

3. You’ll get a wider reach

As well as being able to identify talent, the right recruitment agency will also know where to look for it.

Look for a recruitment agency like First 4 Recruitment which specialises in industrial, warehousing and logistics roles. This is because agencies like ours have access to exclusive, sector-specific talent pools and know the best places to advertise your vacancy.

We’re always adding to our candidate network, through a presence at job fairs and through partnerships with local Job Centres.

4. You can fill temporary roles more quickly

Recruitment can be time-consuming, and time means money in any industry. Unfortunately, you often end up spending the same when recruiting for temporary roles as you do for permanent ones.

Recruitment agencies can offer a quick, convenient way to fill short-term, contract and temporary roles. So, if you need a new production operative or delivery driver for a short time only, you don’t need to waste any resources filling the role.

5. You can take advantage of industry-specific expertise

Choose the right agency and you won’t just get a standard recruitment service. You could also benefit from dedicated support and advice for your industry, to help you overcome hiring challenges and develop staffing solutions. You could find a whole new approach, a way to save money or speed up your onboarding processes so that new staff can start work more quickly.

Sound like something that could save your business time, and deliver the candidates you’re looking for? Get in touch with First 4 Recruitment and our experts will develop a tailored strategy to meet your exact needs.

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